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Now, finally, you can have those hockey action photos of your son or daughter that you never seemed to be able to get before. eBrushDesign, with the cooperation of SkateZone and IceZone, is offering you the opportunity to order hockey action prints of your son (or daughter) at prices far below that of other action photography services. Simply click the appropriate button above for 'albums' of all of the games that have been photographed. They are sorted by age group, team and date to make it easy to find the photos you want. Just select the photos, sizes and quantity of each print and proceed to check out. Nothing to it. You can even apply the photo to all sorts of other merchandise.


All of the photos I shoot are in the 4x6 ratio. Other than 20x30, all other print sizes are slightly more square in proportion and will need to be cropped to conform to the other print sizes. This is done mechanically by Shutterfly. They present you with a preview of the crop when ordering. Please keep this in mind as you select and order photos. Some photos may not crop in a desirable way.


Indoor sports photography is very difficult because of the poor lighting and fast action. A very 'fast' lens is required – one with a very narrow depth-of-field. What this means is that much of the photo will not be in sharp focus – only a very narrow plane. This can actually be a very desirable effect. However, it also means that getting the perfect focus in the perfect spot can be difficult. As a photographer, I'm inclined to offer only the perfect pictures. But as a parent, I know that sometimes the moment is so special to me that I don't care about slightly soft focus. With that in mind, I have included these photos in order to give you the option. I have also flagged the 'soft' photos so you are not surprised. Photos such as these will still look pretty good at smaller print sizes. I would recommend, however, that you not print them larger than 5x7.

MULTIPLE ALBUM ORDERS: Although the Shutterfly print service makes it a bit awkward, you CAN buy photos from different albums (games) within the same order and only pay one shipping charge.
Mutiple album order directions.


This stunning, professionally designed action composite will be treasured for a lifetime. Made from your choice of any three photos, this 8 x 10 print makes a great gift.

And that's not all! You also receive a CD with the finished digital file. That's right! You can use that CD anywhere that prints photos to make as many copies as you want – even a poster.

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Not interested in prints? Rather print them yourself? Want to use them in a video slideshow or be able to email them to family and friends?
All of this is possible with the original digital file. You can purchase the original digital files on a CD for unlimited personal use.
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