Glory days, well they'll pass you by.
Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye.
– Bruce Springsteen

Anyone that has ever laced up a pair of football cleats at Fleming Field has known glory days. We've been blessed, at Shadyside, with an illustrious football tradition. From the days of the Casketmakers, to the fantastic playoff teams of recent years, Shadyside football players have always carried a unique pride in our teams and our beloved community. All of us who have carried the torch have come to realize that these are very special memories – the kind you hold close for the rest of your life.

And although many of us now look on from a distance, we still watch. We will always watch. We watch as our sons, and the sons of our teammates, carve out their own piece of Tiger history. And we share in the pride of their glory days. Because we're all Tigers. We will always be Shadyside Tigers.

So, although this site is my way of keeping alive one of the greatest seasons in Shadyside football history, I dedicate it to all of the Tiger teams, and to every single player that has ever toiled to make this wonderful community proud.

Long live Tiger football!